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Skin surface stitche
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Skin surface stitcher

Name:Skin surface stitcher
Details :

Introduction to the stapler


The disposable skin surface stitcher is composed of an acrylate medical adhesive tape and a self-locking device connecting the adhesive tapes on both sides; the self-locking device is composed of a gear seat, a gear and a rack. The gear seat has a stop-back elastic piece, so that the gear can only rotate in one direction, so as to achieve the purpose of one-way movement of the rack. When it is used, the protective paper is first removed, and the acrylate medical adhesive tape is respectively attached to the clean skin on both sides of the incision, and the wound is tightened by pulling the rack to achieve the purpose of suturing the skin.

• Atraumatic scars
• Avoid suture compression of the skin surface and create new suture wounds;
• Avoid needle penetration on the skin surface, bringing bacteria under the skin and increasing infection;
• Does not produce “squatting” ugly scars.
• Inflammatory reaction
• Avoid suture foreign body irritation and reduce the foreign body reaction of the incision;
• Conducive to fat necrosis and infection of foreign body discharge incision;
• Reduce inflammation and avoid delayed healing of the incision.
• Healing beauty
• Does not affect the normal blood circulation of the tissue around the incision, the incision heals quickly;
• Reduce inflammation and avoid stimulating scar granulation tissue, small scars;

• Pay attention to the continuous reduction of the incision to avoid continuous tension and widening of the scar.

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